Lisa Will
 stained glass

Stained glass became the expression of a new phase of my life when I moved into a beautiful Victorian home in Kentucky about ten years ago and fell in love with two glass pieces installed there. In my spare time, I took lessons to learn how to make stained glass, and attacked this new hobby with passion and enthusiasm. Now in California, I have lots of time and plenty of energy and inspiration, and my projects are wide-ranging. I make large-scale panels, like those shown here, as well as mirrors, pictures frames, and the smallest decorative pieces, from jewelry trays and boxes to refrigerator magnets and holiday ornaments. I also make a variety of animals for theme-oriented children's rooms, and use lead-free solder to insure no toxicity.

Currently, I participate in a few farmers' markets in the San Gabriel Valley, and display some of my work in specialty shops on consignment. I want to get the word out that I can accommodate any design wish for virtually any part of a home or business. If you can imagine it, I can make it!

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